As we all our very aware that the last two week have not been the best where the weather is concern, along came the beast from the East, followed by storm Emma, when we thought everything had calmed down and getting back to normal we were hit this morning with the pest from the West, which even though it only lasted a couple of hours it brought complete chaos to our roads so travelling was a night mare.

Throughout all this our dedicated staff at all our care homes have managed to get into work, to ensure that our residents still have the quality of care which we always provide.

Our lovely home care team, battled through the snow, with not one of them saying they couldn’t get in to work, they made sure that all our service users had their usual visits, this ensured that they were fed, warm and most of all safe, sometimes the carer may be the only person they see all day and they didn’t want to let them down.

So the next time you are having a bit of a grump about the weather including myself, that we are struggling or can’t get to work think about all the care staff out there and all the nurses who really have no choice but to go to work, to keep our vulnerable people well and safe, they are the true heroes, you are amazing each and every one of you,.



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